Birds of Idaho

ISBN: 978-1-936913-36-7
Title: Birds of Idaho: A Guide to Common and Notable Species
Author(s): Greg R. Homel

Birds of Idaho is a quick and easy-to-use, lightweight, durable, all-weather field guide to the remarkable and varied birdlife inhabiting Idaho and includes the northern Rocky Mountains region within the US states of Wyoming and Montana as well as the adjacent Canadian provinces of British Colombia and Alberta. Stunning digital photographs depict 125 species of common and notable birds, enabling users to identify nearly every commonly occurring bird and regional specialty they encounter—day or night—within the guide’s remarkable area of coverage.
Aimed at beginning and intermediate birders, the guide will easily fit into any daypack, pocket or glove compartment, facilitating spontaneous and easy field identification—whether in a backyard, on a family vacation, or on a serious birding trip to the best birding hot spots within Wyoming’s Yellowstone N.P., Montana’s Glacier N.P., Idaho’s myriad national forests, or Canada’s Jasper N.P and beyond, all within the beautiful northern Rocky Mountains region.

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